May 12 2020 0Comment
Protective Desk Screens: COVID 19

COVID 19: back to the workplace safely

The Covid 19 pandemic has affected and will continue to affect how we use our commercial offices and workplaces. Therefore many businesses have begun to consider and identify the risks associated with a return of their employees to the office and workplace.

Office occupation has become denser over the last decade as well as office desks have often become smaller. With the need to apply distancing between workers, office density is an area that will have to be reviewed.

Along with a general reluctance to hot-desking and desk sharing even with a rigorous cleaning regime, it may well be office desks will be allocated to particular users.

With more individual workspace needed it may be possible to convert the existing meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, lounge and breakout areas as workspaces. It could simply mean reducing the number of chairs and investing in a larger table within these areas.

The use of either fixed or movable screening retrofitted to existing office furniture is an option to also be considered to ensure continual safe working. Our desk screens, sometimes referred to as sneeze and cough guards, can often be retro-fitted to existing reception and office desking.

Now more than ever there is a need to communicate in a very visual way, a confident message that you have adapted and changed your workplace to follow the guidelines. Our workplace signage will convey safe working practice starts at the entrance of this workplace and runs throughout this building.

Stay safe at work!